Sensual Women Audio Book/book Club

What We Do

Sensual Women is an audio book/book club that listen to audio book from Authors from various genres.  You have the option of listening to books (2 books randomly picked) each month. This is mainly a audio book club, but you have the option to read a book.

However, we  will discuss three different books during our live meet up line.  We randomly pick audio books suggested by members when we meet up at a coffee shop or restaurant.

We also keep of listing of each member and personal profile (such as date of birth  and preferences in listening or reading books).

How We're Different

There are no monthly dues.  Money is only required when purchasing audio books/book from authors.

This audio book/book club was created specifically for people on the go by the founders Author Jeanette Michelle and Renee Mckissack.

For information on where we will meet, please click on the link about us.

For people out of state, you may follow us on line VIA the internet to discuss each audio book/book.


How We Got Started

The Audio book club actually started in November of 2008   and founded by Author Jeanette Michelle. Jeanette  decided to actually launch the audio book/book  Club September of 2010. 

Thus far they have listened to over 179 audio books and will start discussing books on line via the internet